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Are you a drifter?

Drifter = a person who often, and maybe without any important reason, changes the jobs, or skillful and reliable person with bad luck?

We are unable to tell according to your resume at the first sight. If it’s shown at our meeting that you are just not lucky in regard to the previous employer, we are able to explain this to the next potential employer to give you a chance.

It is very usual that the resume showing one or two years of employment at a particular job appears as uninteresting for the employer and often candidate is not even invited for the interview. He really can be a drifter. But the reason for a job switch could also be a bad luck, such as promised work conditions don’t respond to the reality (for example raise after the training, different job responsibilities, bad or no training, team you do not fit in). In the worst scenario, the company bankrupted, large scale layoffs or cancelletion of the position. It’s important to look for a solution in such case and try to find out what is wrong  before you quit. If you are a good worker, reliable and responsible person who wants to work, every employer will be willing to fix what’s wrong. And if not? Then it really is something wrong there and you have no other option then to quit. But you made sure you did all you could.

What candidates are really difficult to work with? Those, who change jobs because they are offered little better money and without thinking it through they accept it. It doesn’t cross their minds that maybe staying and proving what’s in them can bring a raise as well. Some people also do not care about relationships at work place, they are not interested in long term success of the company, they work but they are always looking for something new.

Yes, the job market with many job openings invites to that. On the other hand, this situation causes extra financial expenses to the company! The process of hiring of new employees is time consuming and not easy to organize. Job drifting affects the team efficiency and the fact is that the new employee expenses do not come back until one year.

It’s long gone the time when people stayed at one job for tens of years, or the whole life. The older generation sees the job stability still as very important, younger generation have a different approach, mostly the opposite.

We live in a region where this is an issue. Small companies have a competition in big international companies with many benefits and interesting financial offers. On the other hand, working in these huge companies is very demanding and there are many people not willing to work under so much stress from the management, they do not want work shifts,  and they do not want to be a needle in a haystack.

Our employment agency cooperates with lots of interesting companies and we can point you to the right direction. We know their company policies, environment, management, so we can help to find what could be a fitting for you.

We spend lots of time of our life at work and the best employee is the happy employee 🙂

Article written  by Šárka Sedlářová