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Are you using LindkedIn?

LinkedIn doesn’t say anything to you? Too bad. It’s a social network aimed to professionals and career. It’s primary designated to get professional contacts, new job offers, business culture and politics. Since 2012 the Czech version is also available and the basic version is for free. Companies are actively using this network as well as private users.

At the moment, 500 millions users are registered in this network. Your profile is built as resume with job history and experience info. We recommend to have the profile always updated (actual job, recently completed courses and workshops, language knowledge level, skills) and fill in shortly what exactly the position you worked at was about, who you collaborated with, etc.) You can connect with other users and build a professional network, discuss interesting topics… You can join groups, find previous  classmates or colleagues. Most of all, you can get to interesting job offer. 

Recruiters do not relay only on recieved written resumes anymore when they place their ads but they actively search for interesting candidates especially on LinkedIn. The most profiles in Czech Republic are from bigger cities but users from smaller towns and regions are starting to see LinkedIn’s charm. 

Every employee has to to have some business thinking and continuously keep building and selling his own “brand” nowadays. If you are an expert in your field, most likely you won’t ever have to search actively for a job, you just create your profile on LinkedIn and you’ll be flooded with offers.

You can create LinkedIn account here. It’s easy and anyone can do it. You can create profiles in different languages  but it has its pitfalls so one profile with bilingual subtitles, mostly Czech and English. We recommend a profile picture to be easier looked up. If you want your profile picture to be visible for any users you need to choose option “public”.

Workshop #socialnetwork

21.2.2018  9.30-12:00 we host workshop  for women Use of social networking  with business and career in the space of our office Nový start (Karlovo nám. 62/51, Třebíč) If you are interested to learn more about LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube you are invited. Register by email to  zuzana.zateckova@novystart.com, fee 500 Kč