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Mom as the main role

My daughter was a part of today’s recording because she has cold and that’s why she was at the office with me all day. She turned 6 yesterday and she wanted to be in a video with me. While looking at her mimics I can tell she follows in my footsteps 🙂

We have many roles in lives but being mom will always be the most important. Unfortunately, the professional career doesn’t count on that and many moms with small children have to be working full time or tree shifts, etc…
Lately, even in our region, many companies try to respond to these demands with part time positions, morning shifts only or partially home office for moms. We just recently started our collaboration with such client and we are very thankful for that. You can look forward to more career opportunities for women with small children. And do not forget businesswomen, the project for active women wanting to control their own life.