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Individual Consultation

 Is our individual consultation for you?

  • Are you looking for a job unsuccessfully for a long time?
  • Are you sending out your resume and you get no answer back most of the time?
  • Are you a fresh graduate? You don’t know what to choose, more studies or the professional career. Which one?
  • Are you at a life crossing, long term unhappy with the current job situation and ready for change?
  • Are you thinking about changing the employer or opening your own business?
  • Are you not sure you have enough experience and funds to start business?
  • Are you returning from maternity leave not knowing if your former job is still yours? Do you want to make extra money during maternity leave?
  • Are you a machine operator and you want to change it?

If your answer is yes at least to one of our questions then do not hesitate to contact us and come for the individual consultation. We all remember that one recieved advice that saved our life, gave our life new direction or just answered the question that bothered us for a long time.

Poradenství v agentuře Nový start

We have professional consultants experienced in the field and they are able to evaluate your job interviewing skills, help you with your resume, etc. Our lectures or videos can inspire you as well. Follow our blog where you can find updated info from webinars, lectures, etc.

How does it work?

Send your resume and tell us shortly what your situation is like. We will set the appointment in our office where we can talk it through in details. We can immediately fix your resume and make it more interesting for the employers, create suitable cover letter. We will discuss what mistakes applicants make during job interview, what impression you make. You will get some specific advice and tips, topics to think about. In case you want to start a business you can use our service for new businessmen/women.

The fee is 1000 Kč/ session (cca 60-90 min.)