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It's a very professional aproach and fast practice in this agency, I can only recommend it, I have only positive experience, I wish a big success to this agency.

Tereza Bendova | Sale person

Professionally led job, great knowledge and excellent care for clients.

Ing. Lukáš Jelínek | Sigma Group spol. s r.o.

Thank you for your time and very nice and friendly proffesional approach. This recruitment agency is the top one, especially with its care for the clients.

Jakub Staněk | IT Technician 1st level

Good morning, I'd like to thank you for professionally led interview and the recommandation for technically demanding but very attractive position.

Ing. Michálek Lubor | Quality specialist for the costumer

Hi! I was looking for a job in Třebíč, but I'm happy with Jihlava as well.

Dobrovolny Karel | Logistician

It is my first job after graduation, after the consultation in Nový start I was very pleasantly surprised by various offers and opportunities

Holoubková Irena | Management Assistant

I want to thank to miss Žatečková for her professional approach and valuable advise during my job searching. The individual consultation confirmed my decision to make a professional career change. Her help was priceless, everything ended beyond my expectations.

Radek M. | Test engineer

Thank you for your help with finding job in my profession!

Pavel Chládek | Service technician

No one will help you to leave the comfort zone and find the courage to take a risk. If you already have decided for a change, Nový start agency can help you, as they helped me. My original mistrust to agencies was groundless, this one I can only recommend. Pleasant and professional approach.


Pleasant treatment, good knowledge and interest in client. Thank you very much for your help during looking for a job and finding a new interesting position.

Petr Petz |

I want to express my thanks for the very professional approach. I was very pleasantly surprised with the interest in me as the client and effort to find the job according to my wishes.

Jaroslav Vala | Project architect electro

I'm at the new job only very short time but I love my current job. It's a lot to learn but I will handle that:-) Thank you very much for help with finding a new job and for help with the preparation for the interview.

Bc. Michaela Hanáková | Technologist, Agrimex

After the maternity leave I was looking for a job, Zuzka took care of me and I was offered a position she found suitable for me according to my resume and my requirements. Shortly after the consultation in Nový start I got the phone call from the company and I was hired. Im very happy I have a job where I can balance work with my family life since I am a mother now and all that thanks to Nový start. Everything went fast and with the smile. I want to thank to Zuzka and Nový start company at least this way.

Lenka | Account Analyst/Mann+Hummel