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About us

We are the only and, we are not afraid to say, unique employment agency from Třebíč with the reach thorough the whole Highlands region. We are carefully choosing the companies we work with. We have often friendly relationship with the companies and we get to know behind the scenes information you won’t learn from official ads. We also offer help with realization of new ideas into business.  We have a project called Businesswomen, Byznysženky, a group of female business owners meeting regularly, helping each other, exchanging valuable information. The group holds classes, lectures, workshops, etc…

We are free of charge to people looking for a job. The fee is charged only if you need an individual consultation, where we can go over your resume, help you to get ready for upcoming interview,  your start up ideas. We also organize lectures and workshops with topics of “How to be successful on the job market” or “Let’s do the job we enjoy”.  We are often hired for this by schools or job fairs.

Your personal data are safe with us, our privacy protection policy is in agreement with GDPR legislation. Here is our policy.

 Our team

We are all women, mothers, wives and aunts… we are emphatic and good relationship with our clients, both, HR stuff and job candidates, is the foundation of our job. At the same time, we are realistic and we can effectively evaluate your options on the job market or your business ideas.

We work part time to balance work and family life, so please, be understanding of our short open hours (8:30 to 3:00). We have no problem to set an after hours appointment, it just needs to be scheduled ahead.

Team Novy start

Zuzana Žatečková

Founder and the owner. She works in the field over 10 years and has worked on HR position at the international company for years. Her experience with HR and recruitment are put in good use with helping people to find an interesting job or directing them towards something new. You can find a lot of articles on her blog and videos on her youtube channel HERE

Her motto: “Let’s do what we love and what makes sense to us. Let’s not waste time, life is too short.”

zuzana žatečková

Šárka Sedlářová

Experienced recruiter with work history in both, Czech and international companies. She loves what she does and she is trying to make aplicants looking for a job happy and help them to find a job they would love.

novy start, prace trebic


A student of personnel management, who came to our team to help with the project for business (wo)men  Podnikavé duše. Nowadays is part of our HR team, you can meet her in skype or face-to-face interwies. She is lovers of dogs and leasure time spends with her dog Gigi.

Alexandra Kubíčková


Make-up and hair artist with profesional knowledge in marketing field. During her parental leave is helping us with the online project for business (wo)men Podnikavé duše, she creating promo videos, intervies etc. 

Jana Jandová