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Cover letter


Cover letter is very important part of your resume. It is a message to the company why they should pick you/invite you for an interview, what it is you can offer. Make sure you accentuate your professional strong points


  • First paragraph should attract attention and should state the reason why we send the letter (what offer we respond to, where we found out about the position)
  • Next paragraph should describe your last experience and emphasize your experience and knowledge fitting for position you are responding to
  • Last paragraph should contain additional info you’d like to mention and also, add sentence or two saying you’d like to see them for a personal interview

I deeply explained creation cover letter in this Czech video:

Advice and tips:

  • Write an original cover letter for every position you are responding to and fit it to the particular company and position
  • Text should be clear and simple, ideally half of A4 page, no one got time to read long letters
  • Watch for typos, right title of the position (the government employment office changes titles according to their list but it is not usually the correct title)

Another tips and advice for creating an interesting cover letter are topic of this blog.