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Recruiting Employees

We will help you with recruiting of new candidates for your job openings. We will search for:

  • TEP for different fields
  • Managers for lower and medium management
  • Operators for manufactories
  • Temporary workers

We regularly hold lectures in high schools and colleges in Highland region. We are staying in contact with students and we can mediate connection between them and employers.

Alexandra Kubíčková

Recruitment techniques

We mostly meet candidates looking for a long term carrier change. Based on our interview, we can offer position meeting their requirements the best. We often use local advertising servers and social media for recruiting. We use direct candidate search for   hard to fill positions.

We initiated project Nový start in Highlands, info website for all people interested in working and life in Highlands. We target candidates from the Czech Republic and also our brothers and sisters from Slovakia and another citizens of EU/EHS.