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Interview in Person or Skype Call?

What can you expect from meeting?

During our face to face meeting or Skype call we will go through your professional resume together, we will talk about your education, experience, foreign language knowledge level, computer literacy, your interests. We will talk about what job offers are suitable for you. We can fix your resume and help you create fitting cover letter. All materials are sent to the picked company.

Meeting is usually 30-60 min long, it depends on your professional experience. This meeting can be a great preparation for your actual job interview with the company. You will be interviewed by experienced recruiters with knowledge of what interview looks like, what expectations and requirements of future employer are. We will be honest with you and tell you what improvements are necessary, what your weak and strong points are.

We hold these interviews in our office in Třebíč, Karlovo náměstí. We can also meet in Okříšky, MC Andílek. We offer morning or evening hours to help mothers with no babysitter. Children can use indoor supervised playground during our interview there.

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Skype call

We prefer personal interview, nothing can substitute that, but, we understand that you are busy or from far away. Option of Skype call is available then. You need to be a registered Skype user with computer, internet access and preferably also camera so we can at least see each other.