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Opening new business

When I started my business I felt as a solitary warrior. I had a clear goal and strategy of what I want to do and how, some capital, but that was it. It was no one around to help me with the takeoff and I needed to push hard not to fail. I left a stable job and jumped into the lion pit with the motto either/or.  Fortunately, it worked.

I would had appreciated some help with the startup, advice or warnings what to expect. Today I know I acted very intuitively, and that is not a bad way, but you cannot base your business strategies on that. You need to know some practical procedures, you need to plan, invest, advertise, find people to work with and many other things.

I see  business led by female as a very specific filed, for female acts more intuitively and also her time spent with business affairs is often limited because usually she also has to take care of her family, children, household, etc. I created project Business women, a platform for women already running a business, lady bosses or women in leading positions at work or women planning on opening some business. Women here share their experience and info and we have regular meetings. You can join the FB page.

I offer irregular workshops and courses within our business start up consulting (see my blog) and also individual services for people starting new businesses.