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Individual consulting for business start up

Are you tempted by starting your own business? Have you already got the idea what field it would be in and you need help with the first steps? Advise what not to forget and/or what to avoid? I can help you with that. Under the Businesswomen project, I irregularly host workshops with this topic, or we can arrange an appointment for individual consultation.

I can help you with :

  • First steps – getting the business license and other necessary paperwork for the start
  • Beginners errors
  • Pricing
  • Marketing – social networks, websites

Fee: 1000 Kč ( 60-90 min. consultation)

I’m fully aware, and my experience backs this knowledge up, that business is not just hard data and practical chores. Intuition  plays big role here, also psyche, and most of all, the attitude we have and present ourselves with. If you are interested in this aspect of business we can discuss this topic further. More info HERE.