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You can find the actual job openings on our website in the job opportunities  interactive section and you can respond to an offer you are interested in and email the resume and/or cover letter, diplomas, certificates, etc., right away. We will contact you and discuss details of the actual position and eventually, we can look for something else, maybe more suitable, for you. You will learn some behind the scenes info about the job offer, the employer, the company, and we will help you to get ready for an interview. Even if you haven’t found anything interesting in the actual job opportunities offer, don’t hesitate to send the resume, we will contact you and discuss your options anyway.

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You can find job openings that nobody else advertises

There are many small and medium sized companies in this region and they often do not have any HR department.  Their interviewing processes is one of our responsibilities then. That’s why we can provide you with offers never advertised anywhere else. We will always walk you through all the opportunities suitable for you in this region.

We are not work agency, we are helping with job search, but we are not your future employer. This “agency employment” is against our policy.

If you are interested in some deeper analysis of your current job situation, you are unemployed for longer period of time, you want some big change in your professional career or maybe you want to start a business, then you can use our offer of individual consultation.

We are children, animal friendly

We have a toy corner in our office that you do not have to be afraid to take your children with you. The dogs are also welcomed.

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