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Holding lectures and workshops is our favorite thing to do. You could have visited us at Job Fair Fortel 2017, sign up for lectures in Íčko Třebíč or join our lectures at most of high schools in Třebíčsko.

The most popular lecture for students graduating high school is: I don’t want to end up at government’s employment office! Aka how to be successful on the job market. 

Lecture is about 90 min long (we can cut it shorter) and we give you some general info about present job market, its local specifics and conditions and options unemployed people have. We will teach you how to build resume and cover letter correctly to win the interest of a potential employer and in the end we can also demonstrate what a job interview in the international company looks like.

Follow our blog, we specify the actual dates of our lectures and workshops there.


Lectures for Íčko in Třebíči

Lecture at High school for Health Assistants

Lecture  Fortel, 2017

životopis, trh práce, foto v životopise

Lecture at Elementary school Vladislav