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I’m looking for an employee

Primarily, we offer mediation of suitable employees to our clients. We focus on searching for TEP positions and medium and higher management. We are also helping with operative workers recruiting. We don’t do agency employment, we mediate the candidates.

We have long time experience with set up of HR processes in the international corporations, so we also offer  simple HR tools and processes set up  for your company.

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Why should you pick us?

We are professionals and experienced recruiters working in the field of job market in Vysočina for a long time. We cooperate with both, manufactories and service sector. We are able to meet your requirements you look for in candidates. We know what works and what does not.

We are credible thanks to our experience and original approach. We use modern technologies for recruiting. We are very comfortable with social media. Long list of our applicants talks for us as well as the fact we are often contacted by interesting candidates working for prestige companies who look for a new professional challenge. We collaborate with other recruiters and headhunters from other regions.

Let’s become partners in HR field, we are really good at that.