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Are you a woman and you want to try to open a business? Do you already have a business and you’d like to learn some new info or share your experience with others? Are you looking for an inspiration from other women? We created project BUSINESSWOMEN just for you. This project is designated for women with business or women interested in it, also for women in leading positions, for example in charities, etc. We inform each other about all important things, we share our experience, knowledge, we host experts’ lectures, etc.

Business owned by females has its own specifics. We, as women, have many roles in life. Balancing work and family is not always easy. We can actually take advantage of being the business owner, if we know how to run one and don’t get discouraged by  difficulties we encountered at first. We can inspire, inform, support each other for the smooth ride. Our community is social media based, we have a private FB group. Join us, you can only gain. We meet usually one Monday a month 5.30pm to 8pm in Nový start office, where we discuss a particular topic. The actual invites are on our blog.